STATEMENT: Woke New York Prosecutor Weaponization Government

STATEMENT: Woke New York Prosecutor Weaponization Government

The America First Policy Institute today issued the below statement from its President and CEO, Brooke Rollins, following a New York prosecutor indicting former President Donald J. Trump:

“Today, the radical left proved yet again that it can weaponize the government against any American who dares to challenge their power, voice differing opinions, or believe in the fundamental greatness of our Nation.

Crime is out of control in New York. The people don’t feel safe. But a woke prosecutor decided to ignore the real concerns of people living in fear, and instead spend time and money to bring felony charges against a political opponent that the federal government didn’t even pursue as a misdemeanor.

There’s clearly a two-tier justice system that protects certain kinds of people and is weaponized against others. This is un-American and must stop now.”

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